If you know me, you know fitness has been a part of my life for a long time. Over the last few years, I have been on my own wellness journey that has drastically changed my diet. Diet, as in the way I choose to eat, not weight loss….though at times that has been a major focus for me as well. In the end, I learned i might be celiac and am definitely severely gluten intolerant having seizures when i get glutened. My life, body, and health changed drastically upon eliminating gluten from my diet.

I am constantly researching. The amount of time I spend reading, thinking, and talking about food and nutrition has led me to pursue an official certification. I have used Beachbody home workout programs since 2009 and got my coaching started by helping friends and customers meet their goals using these same programs. Piyo is my all-time favorite because it is low-impact and you can do it in pajamas…yup, I do it all the time! I am certified instructor of Piyo Live. I do love the convenience of working out at home, but I have also worked out with trainers in gyms over the years. After a layoff earlier this year, I decided to pursue wellness as a full-time career and am in the process of getting certified as a personal trainer to further complement my experience.

I am ready to help you with your transformation by creating a personalized plan utilizing the tools that will be most effective for you and one-on-one coaching and accountability to get you there. You don’t even need to be local! Work with someone who wrote the book on excuses and is prone to laziness (true story)!  Let’s get started!

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