Rescue Life

In November, 2014, I got a text with a pic of two sad little hairless Chinese Crested dogs. My friend volunteers for Last Hope K9 rescue. I have two hairless CC boys of my own. These girls looked so sad. I offered to help with home visits or talking to potential adopters about the breed – because they are super high maintenance – to make sure someone was up for the challenge. I went to the Pooch Hotel to meet them – Pooch is one of our many doggie daycare partners who helps us foster dogs. They were not enjoying their stay as it was big and loud and foreign. They wouldn’t come near me, so i had to catch them. They were named Naomi and Wynonna Judd.

These were not normal dogs – they are puppy mill dogs. Mother and daughter, both have the same father. You can do that in Arkansas… Next thing I know, I am talking to a coordinator and I agreed to foster them. I could not stand the names, so I was going to call them Elsa and Anna, but Anna is just as awkward of a name to say. I only changed the mom to Elsa (she’s all white) and just called the little Wynnie.

Fast forward to February. Wynnie found her perfect forever home, She learned how to be a pet pretty easily with the help of her new big sister. Still had some work to do, but she was basically normal. I couldn’t bear to put all the work into Elsa (was told it could take years) and then have her need to learn new humans, so I decided to adopt her. Yup. I am a 3-dog household.

BUT, then…

Another transport of dogs were brought up and this cute Whippet/Terrier mix was in need of a foster…so I took Roxi Bumble Bee. Four dogs again. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Roxi stayed with me until she was adopted by my sister.

As of October, I was on foster #16. Each one of these fosters comes with lessons and love. I don’t think I can stop now. The joy of seeing a dog that was almost destroyed with their forever family makes you NEED to save as many as you can.

I’ll add photos of all of my fosters in the slider, but please go to and see our available dogs or come to one of our many adoption events – you never know where you’ll see your FURever companion!

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