Not a Vermonter Yet

Today was full of lessons. Lessons that will make me a pretty solid Vermonter, someday.


The last couple days were in the 50’s. It was a nice treat, although I am still wondering where Old Man Winter is hiding. The roads were muddy yesterday – everything unfreezing. Definitely a precursor to what spring might be like…my car went from blue to brown in one drive to work. It all froze up again last night.

This morning I went out to go to work and it was pouring. The ground was slippery. I decided to go to wrk the “long” way, also the flatter way up the mountain. When I approached the street, I went to break, but my breaks didn’t catch….I just kept going. “Guess I’ll just turn around over there.”

This moment, on the flat land, should have given me pause. I should have thought that sliding on flat ground might mean that going up a mountain called Densmore Hill, with an elevation of 1200+ feet, might not be the best idea. Now might be a good time to share that going up the “flatter” way one side of the road (coming down) drops off – it’s a ledge. usually there is a snow bank, but there hasn’t been much snow, so it was glare ice with no barrier to what I will just refer to as the “ravine.” That is a slight exaggeration…but if the car went down it wouldn’t just be a wheel over the edge, it would roll and need a wrecker to retrieve it.

So I went up. And I slid.

The first lesson I learned was that I knew how to drive in slippery conditions. I thank an old boyfriend who’d take me to a parking lot while he did donuts and slid all over when it snowed…and he made me drive sometimes. I think everyone should do this. I don’t even think about it, but the rear starts going to the right and I turn the wheel to the right. Does it stop you, no. But you hopefully get a little control.

The hill wasn’t too steep, but I was still sliding. A car was coming down on the “ravine” side, so I followed protocol and pulled over and was stopping to let them pass safely. I was stuck though. 4WD didn’t help, my wheels were spinning. The girl stopped and asked if I was okay and I said I was fine, but she insisted on waiting til I got going. I got into the side rut and got enough traction to go, so I told her to leave, but I’d get stuck spinning again second later.

Lesson 2: no matter how far you lean forward, you can’t make your car go. Uphill. On ice.

There was a driveway across the street from me, so I spun myself over there and finally got traction on her rocks. But I parked my car. My legs were jello. I slid all

Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra, available on Amazon (these are NOT what i was given)

the way up the driveway in my “boots.” Her 17-month old German Shepherd did sound like he wanted to kill me, but she opened the door while saying he’s friendly. He’s named after a gun type, I think, Ruger. He happily greeted me jumped up and licked my face. She was so nice and let me call my boss from the landline because there is no cell service on the mountain. Duh. So, she loaned me toe crampons for the walk (“hike”) so i didn’t die walking to her house. My boss also came down to assess the slippery road because she had to go to an appointment. I was wheezing and panting. So she carried my heavy bag up, so I didn’t slip and die. I think she didn’t want to have to pick me up or witness that mess.

We got to her house/the office and got to work. It poured buckets all day and I wasn’t really worried since it warmed up. Just all that rain on frozen ground was bad news for my commute. The drive home was a dream! But, I still took the long way home….I took the long way home.

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