It’s Rocktober, and Cold Season Begins

Okay, truth is I hate when people say “Rocktober.” BUT, I woke up feeling great, and found out I am only 15 lbs away from my goal weight. I’m energized!

I have been fighting a cold for the last couple days. I brought it on myself. See, I have basically bragged that since I gave up gluten, I have not been sick (minus pneumonia last year from an asthma attack). And after being sick for basically 5 years straight (before I gave it up) it was a huge accomplishment. For the last couple weeks, I haven’t gone grocery shopping and since my last stop was Costco, I have been lazy and sustained on┬ácheese and crackers and coffee. I was in a funk, didn’t feel like cooking, etc. I basically didn’t have a single vitamin for 2 weeks.

If you think what you eat doesn’t really affect your immune system, you’d be wrong. I am sad that my accidental experiment reconfirmed it for me. So for the last 3 days this is what I have had: homemade, water, organic chicken bone broth, Organic Throat Coat tea with Manuka honey, Sudafed, eucalyptus essential oil on my feet at night…and still coffee, but with raw honey. Last night I made a hot toddy before bed, which – in my opinion – brought me over the hump. I feel like about $800,000, so almost there.

I don’t really follow recipes, but this is what I put in this time:

Aimee’s Hot Toddy

3 oz. Maker’s Mark bourbon
1 Tbs local, raw honey
2 Tbs organic lemon juice
5 cloves
a few pieces of cinnamon bark

Bring to an almost simmer in a pan then get in your favorite mug to enjoy.

So, take it from me – be proactive during this season of germs. Eat well. Feed your body with nutrients. Your grandma wasn’t wrong, one of the best things you can have is bone broth. And since we live in a world of pesticides, GMO and cost cutting, it really must be organic and pastured to have maximum nutrition.

I am going grocery shopping today.